Harmonica School

I created Harmonica School after publishing a dozen books in french, english spanish and german
The goal was to create lessons for the 21st century harmonica student
A modern approach to the harmonica far from the folk-blues standard approach that so many people adopt but that fails in the long run to provide the skills, technique and most of all the vision of how the harmonica really works. Today you can play anything you want with on our beautiful instrument but not if you think and practice the old way.
I started to create 40 lessons in french for my students and am now consistently adding new harmonica lessons in english on harmonica school website.

Harmonica School also provides many lessons by professional players and teachers : Howard Levy who developped the overblows, Norton Buffalo one of the great blues and country harp players of all times, Blues legend Paul Butterfield as well as John Sebastian, John Hammond Jr, David Barrett, Peter Madcat, Gary Primich and many more.

Those lessons will teach you the basic of harmonica playing as well as many tricks, rhythm parts, solo, bends, overbends, overblows, hand effects, improvisation, scales, arpeggios as well as in depth studies of tunes and licks in the following styles : Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, Classical

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