Here is some info about the Harmonica blogspot :

I’m David Herzhaft
Born in Champagne, France in 1974 currently a resident of Idaho, USA

I spent most of my life learning, playing and teaching the harmonica and I’m glad to share my passion for music with you.

I started playing mostly Blues harp with my dad and uncle. We had a family band touring France and Canada. At the age of 17 I had the chance to become a member of a jazz fusion band that opened my ears and forced my skills to adjust to different sounds. I started to overblow when I was 15 and have been trying to improve what I can do with a diatonic harmonica ever since … for instance recording Flight of the Bumble bee.

I was lucky to meet Howard Levy in 1993 who recorded as a guest on my 2nd solo album Jazzin’ Around. After I graduated from Lyon University and while I was studying jazz guitar at the Aimra school in Lyon I was fortunate enough to join a bluegrass band and started a professional career. That was also a great technical challenge as bluegrass tunes are not written for the harmonica.

Along my musical journey I really got into composing and producing. I do more and more of that now, this is somehow bigger and more fulfilling than just playing the harmonica.

In 2010 I created my own school : Harmonica School both in french www.harmonica-school.fr and english www.harmonicaschool.com. Students from all Europe gather once a year for a one week Summer Camp in France that started in 2004.

Author of :
Harmonica Debutant (HL Music)
Harmonica Blues (HL Music)
Harmonica Country (HL Music)
Harmonica Celtique (HL Music)
Le livre de l’harmonica (Fayard)
Celtic Reels for Harmonica (Mel Bay)
Encyclopedia of Scales for Harmonica (Harmonica School)
Exercises for Harmonica (Harmonica School)

Played / recorded with : Joe Porcaro, Bluegrass burger, Freeandise, Reo, Eddie C Campbell, Frank Gambale, Eco duo, Carl Verheyen, Brent Mason, Country Postal, Gas Blues band, Acoustic Connection, Howard Levy, Eric Bibb, Orchestre National de Lyon, Yussi Wenger, Donald Ray Johnson

TV : Catfish Blues

Solo albums :
Des Mots d’Harmo (Fremeaux and Associes)
Jazzin’ Around (Hland)
Pacific Lounge (Pacific Waves)