Harmonica country pioneer : Wayne Raney

Wayne Raney (1920-1993)

One of the pioneer of Country-music harmonica, Raney often teamed up with another great player and his early mentor Lonnie Glosson. Instead of competing with each other they often played duos. Wayne Raney is famous for his participation in the Delmore Brothers band (see the picture above) who are credited for crafting Rockabilly back in the 40s. in 1946 They had a huge hit “Hillbilly Boogie” that featured Wayne on the harmonica. After he left the Delmore brothers Wayne toured and recorded on his own until he got tired of it all and bought a farm in Arkansas.
In the video below you can hear him play some cool old time country licks that really prefigure what Charlie Mc Coy will do a decade later.

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