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Chromatic Harmonica Player : Larry Adler

chromatic harmonica player

The chromatic harmonica player Larry Adler (Lawrence Cecil Adler aka Larry) was born in Baltimore, Md, 2/10/1914 and passed away in London, UK, 8/7/2001. Chromatic harmonica player – Early Years Young Larry wanted to become a piano player after he attended a concert by Rachmaninov. His mother therefore registered him at the Peabody Baltimore music school from which he got fired for “bad temper ...

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Blues Harmonica player: Carey Bell

Blues harmonica master Carey Bell

Blues Harmonica player BELL (Carey) (aka Carey Bell Harrington) Macon, Mississippi, November 14 1936 – Chicago, Illinois, May 6 2007. His godfather, the piano player Lovie Lee, brought him to Chicago in 1956 to join his orchestra. He soon became friend with Little Walter who’d let him sub for him at Club Zanzibar when he was unavailable or too drunk. He would also ...

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Harmonica country pioneer : Wayne Raney

country harmonica pioneerwayne raney

Wayne Raney (1920-1993) One of the pioneer of Country-music harmonica, Raney often teamed up with another great player and his early mentor Lonnie Glosson. Instead of competing with each other they often played duos. Wayne Raney is famous for his participation in the Delmore Brothers band (see the picture above) who are credited for crafting Rockabilly back in the 40s. in 1946 ...

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Harmonica Pioneers: Rhythm Willie

harmonica pioneer rhythm willie

Harmonica jazz pioneer Rhythm willie (1905 or 1910 – 1954) Based in Chicago, Willie Hood remained an enigma for a long period of time before a few harmonica and blues fans did the digging. This is the only picture we have of him. He recorded a couple of tunes in the 1940s mostly jazz oriented that he was playing on the diatonic. ...

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Harmonica pioneer : Deford Bailey

harmonica train master deford bailey

Deford Bailey is one of the true pioneer of the harmonica. He was part of the vast recording campaigns done in the 1920s that left us so many blues and folk recordings from artists who remained unknown or made a career. Deford Bailey was one of the most popular artist at the Grand ole Opry of Nashville. He made 2 major recordings in 1927 ...

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